About Me

by Lisa on March 9, 2008

Welcome to Clusterfook!  My name is Lisa Kelly and I’ve been writing this blog  since August 2005.  Why not take a moment to get to know me a little better…

Disclaimers are a necessary evil so let’s get do this upfront:

This is a personal blog where I express my own thoughts, feelings and opinions. In no way do I represent any company, organization or school, nor will they be mentioned by name.

Understand that what you read here merely reflects a fraction of who I am and not the totality of my life. However, I always express myself in the most real, raw and upfront way I can because it’s exactly how I would if you and I were having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Some of you know me outside of this blog and may read things that you previously didn’t know or find too revealing. Be an adult, have some respect and discuss with me what bothers you before you decide to pass judgment or vicious rumors.

Got that? Great, fabulous, moving on…

Here’s the expanded version About Me:

Three Time Cancer Fighter:

After experiencing pain on my lower right side for two years I found myself in an emergency room in October 2004.  There a doctor found an 11-inch cyst my right ovary.  That cyst turned out to be a low malignant potential tumor which means it had the potential to be cancer and in my case was cancer.

I had a hysterectomy in December 2004 and it threw me into sudden menopause but it cured me of the ovarian cancer.  Sudden menopause turned me into a vicious bitch.  It’s amazing nobody died and no one killed me.

At the end of 2005 I started feeling ill again but it took two years before I could get anyone to listen to me even though I had the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer like chronic constipation, fatigue, pelvic pressure, bloating…all lasting much longer than three weeks.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with recurrent ovarian cancer when a mass was found on my abdomen.  Typically, low malignant potential tumors don’t return and when they do, it’s usually not as soon as mine did.

I had one surgery at a world renowned cancer center which was a disaster (and almost killed me) and five surgeries to correct it but no chemotherapy.  In fact the world renowned cancer center NEVER followed up or suggested chemotherapy.

In March of 2008 I started feeling really, really ill so I went to the doctor and looked him in the eyes and said, “LISTEN TO ME, SOMETHING IS WRONG!” He took immediate action and on March 31, 2008 I learned that it’s a threepeat…I have ovarian cancer for the third time.

This time the cancer has metastasized to my liver and lungs.

Currently I’m in hospice care.

Mother of Tweens:

I’m the mother of two tweens. Motherhood is a job I wing on a daily basis. I have two girls ages 11 and eight and I’m sure my kids will have plenty of material for therapy once they reach adulthood.

I refer to the oldest child as Cam. She was born prematurely and weighed 15 ounces at birth. Today she is 11 years old, loves martial arts, lizards, drawing, everything Pokemon and is a future veterinarian.

The youngest one is Teenie.  She’s a puppy lover, into martial arts, a budding philanthropist, Hannah Montana fan, future veterinarian and future starving artist.

Wife to Dude:

I refer to my husband of  12 years as “Dude”.  He’s a leftover Deadhead, Mr. IT (Information Technology), devoted dad and Mr. Martial Arts.  Although marriage hasn’t always been a piece of cake for us we’ve managed to stay together.  Dude has always taken care of me when I’ve been ill and I love him for that.

Rolling Stones Fanatic:

I’ve been a Rolling Stones fan since I was seven years old and I heard Hot Rocks on my moms eight-track tape player, which I was forbidden to listen to.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want is my favorite Rolling Stones song of all time.

No matter what anyone says to me, and believe me I’ve heard, including “Steel Wheelchairs”, every bad joke…I absolutely love the Rolling Stones.

I’ve seen the Rolling Stones in concert about ten times in concert and paid obscene amounts of money for tickets.  Worth every penny.

Chai Tea Addict:

Formerly addicted to coffee, I’ve had to retire that addiction due to chemotherapy.  It seems that coffee and chemo don’t agree with me.  I’ve always had a great love of Chai Tea and have recently substituted it for coffee and am now completely addicted.  Please send in mass quantities and I’ll be your friend for life.  All Chai Tea Flavors accepted.

Focused, Confused, Bitchy, and Fun-Loving all wrapped into one huge Clusterfook…

Does this really need explanation?  I’m no different than anyone else except that I’ve had a lot of life experiences, some harsher than others but who hasn’t?

I consider myself a life blogger because that’s exactly what I do… I get through life.

I’ve been blogging since August 2005 and have switched domains a few times. If you look around here you’ll notice the entries start at March 2008. There is a very good explanation for that. Many of the posts written from August 2005 - March 2008 were from a very raw, painful time in my life when I was suffering from depression related to my recovery from cancer and recurrent cancer. I feel that those posts no longer need to see they light of day.

Any questions and love letters should be sent to lisa at clusterfook dot com.

Complaints and hate mail are always found amusing and make great blog fodder so send those to the above address as well.